Go Transit Mobile Redesign

The Problem

The main focus of this redesign was creating new user-friendly ‘full schedules’. After surveying fellow Go Transit riders, they had all stated that they, in fact, chose the spreadsheet schedules (shown below) over the trip planner, even though it did cause them a headache to use. My goal was to display the information in a way that was not overwhelming for the user and allowed them to find what they were looking for quickly. Another problem that the spreadsheet schedules face is that there is no way of seeing if the train you are planning on boarding is a delayed train. There are also different types of trains that operate daily. Commuter trains run in the morning/afternoon and have two rules that are many times broken because riders are not aware. The top level of the train is to be treated as a quiet level and there are no bicycles permitted on the train during commuting hours. Express trains do not stop at selected stations in order to arrive at the final stop in a more timely manner, many times leaving unknowing passengers stranded at their undesired location.

This screenshot was taken from the Go Transit website

The Solution

Colour coordinating the different bus/train options allows the user to make an informed decision when choosing the bus or train that most suits their travels. I decided that it was important to make the favourites section more prominent within the design. Allowing users to favourite stations or lines saves them the time of going through the process of choosing their desired information again.

Removing the Fare Calculator button

I made the decision to remove the fare calculator option on the homepage of the website. My reasoning for removing that was because it didn’t make sense being an additional option. In my redesign, I combined the Fare Calculator with Plan Trip. On the original website, there is a tiny button that gives the user the option to see the fare that their trip will cost. I have eliminated that option and provided the user with their fare so they are not required to do any additional work.

This Mobile Redesign was a school assignment and is not affiliated with Go Transit