Locale Mobile Design

What if there was a crowdsourced platform that was dedicated to small events in your community?

Taking inspiration from telephone pole flyers

During the 2018 summer, there was an incident that took place in my neighbourhood where someone had been ripping down church advertisements all summer long. In retaliation, the church had started to put up additional signs to spread awareness that someone had been taking down their signs without the church’s consent. But those signs were also ripped down by the anonymous “Long Branch sign vandal”.


That event had me thinking. What if there was a platform that would allow people to post their own small events to display to everyone in their community whenever they pleased. This would decrease the amount of litter associated with telephone pole advertisements. People would be able to drop by events at their own convenience. Locale would take the stress away from the event holder to gain attendance to their event.

Postings & Advertising options


The user has the option of customizing which genre of events are displayed on their timeline.  The event that holds the most real estate at the top of the site is the paid promotion event. Users have the option of paying for a timeslot giving their event the maximum exposure on the main page. Users have the option of paying a premium to increase their event traffic. Alongside Locale promotion, there are other premium options that allow users to promote their event on different social media sites, such as Instagram. Locale provides this option for its users because other platforms require users to have a business account to promote their events.  


This feature is the perfect solution for users who are indecisive of what they want to do. EventHop allows users to quickly pick or search the genre of events they want to attend on any given day. In return, Locale plans and recommends events that best fit the criteria that you chose. The user has the option to remove or add additional events to their EventHop before starting. This feature lets the user be in control of their plans while the app does all of the planning for the user.